Workshops / Events

As part of our 2015 National UK Farewell Tour we are providing colleges, universities churches and community organisations with performances, interactive workshops, seminars & inspirational talks that encourage audiences to think in innovative, creative and critical ways.

Described as “Hilarious, powerful and deeply moving,” the production explores a wide range of thought provoking concepts of race, gender, culture and sexuality as well as tackling issues such as mental & sexual health and abuse which can provide you with further opportunities for engagement with your students, young people, and congregation or service users.

Our partners include organisations such as The Brook (UK’s leading provider of sexual health services and advice, working with 280,000 young people every year), woman’s aid centres and rape crisis centres across the UK.

We are now taking bookings for this extra-ordinary, thought provoking event and would love to bring it to your venue as part of your Autumn programme.

To book a performance, workshop or inspirational talk please Contact us now on 07825 882 616 or

Company details

‘Holy & Horny’ is produced by ICU Transformational Arts Limited, a not for profit organisation that successfully delivers innovative programmes & performances which empower vulnerable people, particularly disadvantaged women and young people to break destructive behaviour patterns and unlock their full potential.

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